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Customized high purity water treatment. This is pure water artistry.

Updated: Feb 27

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to commercial and industrial water purification. The following Commercial Water customers will agree.

A dental practice uses deionized water to rinse lab equipment...

purified water for dental instruments

...but also uses water purified by osmosis to supply the break room with drinking water.

purified drinking water coming from faucet


high purity water for CNC machining

An aerospace manufacturer is using computer-numerical-control "CNC" to turn out aluminum parts by the thousands with precise dimensional conformities.

They rely heavily on purified water for rinsing the parts as they move from one stage of production to the next.


high pressure water cutting optical lenses

We service an optical lens manufacturer who uses deionized water as a cutting agent to create precise bevels and edges to each lens.

They also use deionized water to rinse the lenses as they move from grinding to finished product.

purified water for injectable pharmaceuticals

A drug manufacturer needs water for injectable pharmaceuticals.


Water factors into each operation differently, and certainly each location has different feed water coming in from the municipal supply. The water for pharmaceutical injection must stand up to intense scrutiny and consist of nothing but H2O. On the other hand, drinking water usually tastes better with some dissolved minerals.

Each application calls for human discernment and attention to your priorities in terms of economy, rate of flow, quality level, system size, and complexity. This is customized high purity water treatment.

Our business is to understand yours.

We appreciate you have a goal and a purpose for water in your line of work. We are humans working for your success in a fast-paced world. Let's slow down and talk a minute about how you use water.

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