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Commercial Water brings longevity and connections to laboratory water purification. 

Updated: Feb 27

The phrase, "Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders" conjures images of toil, sacrifice, endurance. Much of the time there is no recognition. Being involved at Commercial Water, I see and hear of many examples of these types in the communities we serve: the maintenance teams, the operations managers, the nurses, the laboratory managers who keep systems running day in and day out. Recently, I was reminded of just one of these local heroes.

The regional lab manager of a large metropolitan medical system has the job of keeping all the labs running with the least interruption. Longevity makes the work easier, and this lab manager has years under her belt. Unfortunately, years of experience sets you ahead only to a certain degree. The rest depends on the expertise and longevity of one's associates and helpers.

lab technician

Earlier this month when the new in-house plumber needed to shut off the water to one of her hospital labs, our lab manager summoned her substantial resources to prevent the shut-down and slow-down of lab productivity.

The new plumber calls Commercial Water for some back up. "Hey, Tom, we are needing to shut the water off to the lab. Do you know anyone who can identify where the main water source is here?"

Having been in the industry for 20 years, we know people. Tom has names of the last 4 in-house plumbers spanning two decades. From these relationships, Commercial Water has a working familiarity with not only the people, but also the facility infrastructure.

In the mean time, our lab manager also calls Commercial Water for some back-up. She is concerned about shutting the water down in the middle of the night, especially with her scheduled time away from the office approaching. She is prepared to intervene so that it does not happen unless and until she feels comfortable knowing it won't affect the lab.

The next day, during the brief meeting on-site with the plumber, we identify an alternate water supply and come up with a plan: Commercial Water will provide a temporary, portable water treatment system to deliver water from this alternate supply to the lab analyzer. The lab can continue to operate with no delays.

In the realm of high purity water treatment, Commercial Water is the glue that keeps people, departments, and systems together, working for common goals. You can benefit from our longevity and human relationships when it comes to your medical and diagnostic laboratory water purification. We would be pleased to help you so that you can continue helping others.

Curious about how our relationships can make your work easier?

Commercial Water operations team


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