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High Purity Water treatment
for business and industry
 serving Kansas and Missouri since 2003.

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You need pure water to make things happen.


Commercial High Purity Water Treatment


Industrial High Purity

Water Treatment


Healthcare High Purity Water Treatment

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Laboratory High Purity Water Treatment

Water System Design

You are a maker.  And your product or service calls for water of a higher purity level than what flows from the tap.  Commercial Water uses an assortment of technologies to remove contaminants from your municipal tap water to ensure you can keep producing.  


We consider your feed water conditions, site requirements, and necessary product (finish) water purity requirements.  From here we design your complete high purity water system, with an eye towards efficiency and ease of use.

Water System Installation

After designing your water treatment system, Commercial Water technicians install the equipment on-site, working within your available space and time constraints.  

Water System Maintenance

For ongoing hassle-free maintenance of your high purity water system, Commercial Water provides scheduled and emergency repair to systems of most sizes and uses, regardless of original installer.

Industries Served
Water Tech
water technician

Water Technologies

Commercial Water employs a full complement of water treatment technologies.

These components are mixed and matched to render your product water ideal for your particular project.  

  • Reverse osmosis systems

  • Ion exchange systems

  • Filters

    • Cartridges​

    • multimedia

    • green sand

    • activated carbon

  • Water softeners

  • UV Lights

  • De-alkalyzers


Your project is unique. Your feed water from the city is delivered at a certain purity level which may not be optimal for your business needs.  In order to deliver the high purity water you want, we find out 

  • -how pure do you need?

  • -how fast should it flow?

  • -at what volume?

  • -are there space constraints?

These factors guide the design and installation of your high purity water system.  We know your success is our success. Let's partner.


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Commercial Water


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Water Project Inquiries

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 816.221.6669 or fill out the following form.

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