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Medical Water Purification Projects

In/Outpatient Dialysis & Surgical ICU's

The current healthcare climate has new challenges.  Reliable high purity water doesn’t have to be one of them.


One of those challenges is reducing interactions among patients and also between providers and their patients.  Increased physical distancing measures mean fewer patients can be treated at the same time.  Despite these challenges, nursing staff and providers are finding ways to provide quick and effective treatments.  This standard of care requires minimizing treatment downtime to avoid missed medical procedures, relocating patients for medical procedures, and in the case of dialysis treatment, the need to stack patients together to get procedures completed.

ICU nurse

It’s important to have a reliable team of local water treatment professionals who will respond when you call.  Commercial Water designs, installs, and services your system.   Commercial Water keeps hospital systems, dialysis centers, and surgical centers running throughout Kansas and Missouri.

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