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Commercial Water Purification Projects

Penguin in Snow

The Zoo

The right water for our exotic friends.

A large metropolitan zoo seeks to recreate naturally-occurring conditions for its ocean-dwelling residents. The goal is to approximate natural ocean water conditions within the contained areas of its penguin, jellyfish, stingray, and schooling fish exhibits.  

It's no small task.  While the ocean has advantages of sheer vastness and eons of experience diluting, processing, and recycling biologic waste, a man-made habitat must accomplish the same feats in a confined space and higher concentrations of aquatic residents. 

Instead of removing individual waste components, experience has shown it more cost-effective and efficient to purify all the water, after which beneficial components are reintroduced into solution.

Commercial Water has been trusted to provide reliability and professionalism in controlling water conditions, enabling the zoo to propagate certain endangered species.  The success of this project and their work results in greater appreciation for species and the conservation of our planet's diversity.

Spirits Distillery

New connoisseurs are waiting for your best batch yet...

Creative distillers look for ways to improve flavor and shelf life.  It’s that passion for craft that drove one local distiller to contact Commercial Water.  Introducing high purity water into their production mix improved quality across the board.  


Seize the potential of customized water for your next batch of signature spirits.  


We start from zero.  We remove what you don’t want, then we selectively add minerals back to optimize your water for distillation.


Be certain you are putting your best into the market.  Reputation, in this game, is everything.

high purity water for spirits distilling
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