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Laboratory Water Purification Projects

Medical Reference Lab

Your lab is important to us.  


We recognize that you strive for quick turnaround of results.  The relationships you’ve built depend upon it.  With time-sensitive biological specimens, there is little room for down time.  


Certain laboratory water purification systems require cartridges that have to be replaced with proprietary cartridges.  When components break, things get tricky.  Commonly, a technician must travel from out of state to repair or replace these components.

Laboratory Scientist

Too often, the “too big to fail” water treatment company is also too big to respond quickly.


Rather than waiting three to four days to process samples, you could outsource the analysis to a different lab, or call Commercial Water.  With 20 years of experience designing and installing laboratory water treatment systems, your lab will be up and running so you can deliver the results.

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