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Water Purification Technologies

water technician performs scheduled maintenance on purification system
reverse osmosis water system pre-treatment setup

Commercial Water deploys a full range of water purification technologies to transform tap water into process water for your unique objectives.

City tap water is delivered at a certain, sometimes fluctuating, quality level.  Commercial Water provides the high purity water you need by asking a few simple questions.

Key information for the water purity you want:

  • What degree of purity does your business require?

  • How fast do you need the water to flow?

  • At what volume must the water flow?

  • Do you have space constraints for the water purification system?

Water Purification Technologies

Water purification technologies we offer


Reverse Osmosis purification

Reverse Osmosis is a cos- effective way to produce pure water.  R/O uses a pump which pushes the water through a membrane.  The concentrated wastewater is sent down a drain, yielding the pure water, or "permeate".

Limitations include electricity usage and drainage considerations for the concentrate, depending on municipal classifications for wastewater.  

R/O is typically designed to removed 98-99% of all dissolved solids.  


Ion Exchange purification 

Ion exchange is a process of replacing hydrogen ions for positively charged cations, while simultaneously replacing 

hydroxide ions for negatively charged anions.  The end result is H-O-H, or H2O, the purest of water.


Water Softening systems

This is a type of ion exchange. Sodium ions from a concentrated brine solution are exchanged for calcium, magnesium, and iron ions.  


De-alkalyzing water treatment

Operates similar to a water softener.  But instead of using sodium to replace metal salts, this system exchanges the chloride ions for negatively-charged compounds like phosphates, nitrates, and bicarbonates.


UV Disinfection

A 254 nanometer wavelength UV light disrupts the DNA of bacteria. inactivating bacteria, viruses, and mold spores.  This is a mode of disinfection, a tool to prevent bacterial growth.  


Media Filtration 

Various media provide filtration of suspended solids. Some examples include carbon, sand, and multimedia.  Typically the goal is choose an effective media for the particulate size you aim to remove.

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