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Dialysis water purification. 8 years of carbon in 8 days.

Updated: Mar 1

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Basement location, low ceilings, tight spaces to work.

We in water treatment thrive in the Goldilocks zone--the moderate zone between too little rainfall and too much. The zone in which water chemistry is predictable.

A recent bout of heavy rains affected much of the state of Kansas, causing city water departments to modify their treatment methods and in some cases, draw from alternate sources.

One such city had a concern about potentially-elevated bacteria levels and decided to address this by hyper-chlorinating the municipal supply. This alteration in water chemistry would affect one customer more dramatically than others, the regional location of a national dialysis company.

Hemodialysis treatment does for a patient what their own kidney can no longer effectively handle. Dialysis machines "scrub" the blood of metabolic waste and environmental toxins. This is an external mechanism as a proxy for what nature accomplishes in the healthy body without a thought.

The "lifeblood" of the dialysis treatment process is high purity water. As the purified water runs through the dialyzer machine, impurities are pulled out of the blood through a membrane by force of osmosis.

In the Goldilocks Zone, high purity water systems provide the delicate balance needed to make the dialysis treatment effective.

This episode of extreme hyper-chlorination would disturb the balance so forcibly that an emergency plan was needed.

Commercial Water was called on to avoid a clinic shut-down. Sending 110 ill patients for treatment elsewhere is not an option.

Daily maintenance of 40 cubic feet of carbon is needed to remove the excess chlorine from city water before it reaches the reverse osmosis membranes. As I write, in the past 8 days the Commercial Water team has entirely re-bedded 40 cubic feet of carbon four times. Additionally, to extend the usefulness of these non-exchangeable "worker" carbons, additional 10 cubic foot carbon tanks have been brought on-line.

Two-hundred cubic feet of activated carbon have been removed and reloaded in 8 days. Under normal conditions, this amount of carbon will effectively pre-treat the city water for 8 years.

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Commercial Water has the materials on hand and the knowledge to provide dialysis water purification when you need it.. We stand prepared with skilled and conscientious manpower, the tools, equipment, and desire to get it done so customers can fulfill their obligations.

Curious about how Commercial Water's industry connections will work for you?


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